The Erectile Dysfunction Remedy

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Ever Had to Worry you Won’t be Hard Enough for Sex?

Time to trade up to a rock-hard, engorged, lasting erection with energy…

Erectile Dysfunction is the result of imbalances in our physical and energy systems. Those imbalances can be healed. It’s not complicated – it only requires the right knowledge.

Our online training explains and demonstrates everything you need to remedy erectile dysfunction. Get started…

The men of Tantra are famous for epic sessions of sex. We get hard and stay hard. How do we do it!?

We use the Medicine of Tantra to heal the imbalances that get in the way of full erectile strength.

Erection drugs might work for you, yet if you continue ejaculating through the use of those drugs, your erection most likely will get weaker until it eventually goes numb.

Erectile Dysfunction is a problem with a set of time-tested antidotes. Only these antidotes aren’t part of Western medical training. They come from Eastern Medical systems.

Drawing from 30 years of training in Tibetan Buddhist and Taoist sexual technique, our chief instructor Jacques explains and demonstrates the techniques he’s found most effective in building much stronger, more reliable erections.

Our program for correcting premature ejaculation includes almost 5 hours of training. It’s broken into two parts:

The Erectile Dysfunction Video Series offers the information you need to understand how and why tantric and taoist techniques solve erectile dysfunction.
The remaining videos describe in detail and demonstrate these powerful techniques.
The two components work together to make a powerful program in which you understand the problem, how tantric technique can solve the problem, and precisely how to use the techniques for fully satisfying results.


The Erectile Dysfunction Remedy Series

This series offers almost 5 hours of instruction to give you a full understanding of how tantric and taoist technique solves the issue of premature ejaculation. This includes:

  • Chapter 1: The Remedies You Need to Know
  • Chapter 2: The Remedies you Need to Do
  • Chapter 3: More Remedies You Need to Do

Skilled Lover Training: Ejaculation Control

This series offers more than three hours of detailed training – with live demonstrations – to give you all the practical techniques you need to solve the issue of premature ejaculation. This includes:

  • The Foundation for Success: Orgasm without Ejaculation
  • The Primary Physical Method
  • Mastering the Hui Yin: Live Demonstration of Ejaculation Control
  • The Hui Yin: Live Demonstration of Ejaculation Control

Power Wind Training

  • Power Wind Training: The Core Exercise
  • Power Wind Training: Nine Yantra Breaths

Tantric Arts of Breath:

  • Begin the Bliss
  • Shinay & Solo Tantra
  • Guided Solo Shinay
  • Partner Breathing