The Kama Sutra of Tantra

Enrich Your Sexual and Spiritual Love with Ancient Tantric Sexual Secrets from Tibet and India.

“This teaching is light years ahead of any current info available. Jacques Drouin is a true evolutionary in the art and sexual healing of the mind, body, and spirit.”
– Nicole Abundance, Vancouver BC

“I revere Jacques for dedicating his life to teach people like me the sacred and spiritual expressions about Five Element Healing and Tantric Sex. They are passionate and committed to expanding sexual consciousness.” – A.H. Vancouver BC

Tantric Sexual Love will manifest for you:

  • Great intimacy, heart flow, and emotional depth in your relationships
  • Deep, powerful, almost inconceivable multiple orgasms arousing the full experience of love-union
  • Healing in your body, mind and spirit; premature ejaculation, women’s orgasms, erectile dysfunction, sexual abuse and trauma, physical afflictions, and much more
  • More passion, pleasure, and play in your sexual connection and enjoyment
  • A rich spiritual and sacred sex life

This training offers some of the most authentic, powerful, and healing Tantric Teachings available!

Come and transform your life with the most amazing yet simple methods available for using sexual energy to enrich your sensuality, heal your body, transform your emotions, access your full life potential, and even realize your Ultimate Nature.
This instruction is perfect for those just beginning Tantra and those who already have some instruction. These teachings have never been openly taught in the West so even advanced practitioners of Tantra have come to study with us.

Suitable for singles and couples!
Can be in person or live online via Skype.
Classes are generally fully clothed and sexual methods are taught via multimedia tools. Explicit live sexuality or nudity is only available by request and with agreement.


Session 1

Ancient principles of Tantra, the ground fundamentals you must know to successfully practice Tantric Sex throughout your life. You will know what Tantra actually is and how to use it to transform your sex, relationships, and life.

The Ways of Sexual Communication and Tantric Speech in and out of the bedroom. You must know how to communicate with partners about what you want and don’t want during sex and in a relationship to have harmony, feel safe, experience mutual enjoyment, and learn wonderful things about ourselves and partners. With good communication there can be flowing heart connection which otherwise might be impeded.

Our breath is integrally related to our own emotions and energy, it is also integral to our emotional connection and exchange of energy with others. The breath is critical in our ability to stay with our emotions relaxing openly into the intense pleasure and bliss that arises during our sexuality. You will learn three Tantric Breathing methods to vastly enhance your personal presence and love exchange with others.

Session Two

Lasting longer and ejaculation control wherein men learn to orgasm without ejaculating, making them strong present lovers. Ancient powerful semen retention methods for men are taught which can also be applied easily by lovers to men during love-making! A powerful remedy for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Realize a man’s greatest potential and grow far beyond two to seven minute sex which is the international average time of penetration to ejaculation.

G-spot and vaginal massage is taught for awakening the multi-orgasmic woman. Pleasure with love is medicine; employing this principle we use methods which are pleasurable to both give and receive, to heal and strengthen her sexual well-being and orgasmic ability. This helps release “issues from the tissues” such as sexual abuse, reactive emotions, and toxicity which have been clinically shown to accumulate in the G-spot of a woman’s sexual system and block her orgasms.

Session Three

The Art of Male Pleasuring and Healing with Genital Massage for self-healing or to be received from a partner. Tremendous for removing “issues from the tissues” and opening up the flow of juices, it is excellent for a harder and more sensually alive erection. Also a good foundation for maintaining sexual longevity.

THE ultimate sexual position for your comfort, satisfaction, pleasuring, and mind blowing orgasms. There is no better position; many women say they will never get on their back on the bed again once they have sex like this!

The secret “Tantric Power-Wind Exercise”. The most important exercise you will ever learn for your “sexual fitness” and overall health. Builds power and stamina for lasting sex, men and women. Very important for male ejaculation control and women’s orgasms.

Ways of moving together when making love in tantric sexual union, including the thrusting style: “slingin’ lingam”!

Personal Investment~

3 Kamasutra Tantra Sessions: each session is 2 hours, you can organize these instruction sessions to fit your time needs;

$495 per person $165 per person for one session
$595 per couple $200 per couple for one session

Anything over the two hours allotted is $95/hour for single person

Anything over the two hours allotted is $125/hour for couple

All of the genital massage techniques will be demonstrated on anatomical models unless otherwise requested.

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