I have been working in the natural health field for over 25 years, during this time I have had tremendous success with herpes remedies. As the Buddha said: “any illness that can be understood can be corrected”. The foundation of my understanding herpes came when I was the natural health consultant in a cutting edge medical clinic in the San Francisco area for about 15 years. In this environment I was able to make some critical observations and experimentation due do the inter-disciplinary co-operation of the practitioners. With access to allopathic medicine, blood tests, Chinese medical diagnosis, homeopathy, herbology, and my own disciplines it was a gold mine of information.

The most critical observation I made relative to herpes which led to tremendous understanding of this affliction is thus. I observed many times that clients would have lesions that were very painful yet when a swab was taken there was no indication of the presence of herpes at all. This intrigued me, if herpes didn’t cause the lesion, what did? And what does this mean about how the virus really works?

In short I came to understand that the herpes virus generally is not the cause of lesions, yet does make them far worse and larger. In my opinion herpes is an “opportunistic” virus, it depends on existing weakness in the area it is trying to invade. This means to me that there is always a pre-existing condition in the affected area and that is what causes the initial lesions. I think it is through these existing lesions the herpes penetrates into the body. The area is so toxic from overgrowth, usually of funguses, that the body begins to excrete these afflicted toxins out through the skin, which can cause very small lesions or openings. Ninety percent of the time I have found funguses when presented with a herpes condition. The other ten percent was chronic bacterial infections and some cancers.

This means that the affliction we call “herpes” is actually a syndrome, which is basically a combination of 2 or more specific afflictions. This is why there is no specific “cure” for herpes. If you wish to overcome herpes you must also overcome fungal issues and/or other factors which leave sedimentation or accumulation in the lymphatic system and interstitial tissue of the area. If you want herpes out you must clean out the lymphatic system, then there can be advancement of healing. It is via the lymphatic system herpes tends to travel into the body and especially the nervous system.

In my experience, if the lymphatic system is properly cleansed, the immune system can penetrate into areas it was blocked from and overcome some of the issues there, including herpes. During my years in the clinic we had many cases where blood tests showed negative for herpes when the client had tested positive initially, including via swab. Even then we would see lesions for a while, no indication of herpes via swab. The cleaner the lymphs became, the fewer the lesions until 1 to 2 years later no lesions or herpes symptoms tended to arise again.

If one understands herpes as syndrome, and thinks of it like a “hydra”, a mythical beast that Hercules fought, we can overcome it according to the Buddha. The hydra had 2 heads, every time Hercules cut off a head, two grew back in its place. Until he understood he had to strike at the heart of the beast he could not overcome it, which he eventually did. In my opinion the heart of the beast is the pre-existing conditions and what caused those. We must work holistically with all the aspects of this multi-headed affliction.

To me any herpes regimen must address pre-existing conditions, the lymphatic system, include a method to draw the genetic material from the deep nervous system, and have a rebuild support regimen. There will be long term damage and this takes time to heal and regenerate. Herpes generally takes at least 2 years to experience full relief from symptoms, so patience, perseverance, and understanding are needed. There is no single cure, the client has to engage an ongoing multi-faceted regimen to manage symptoms and correct their syndrome.