Orgasm is and reveals a timeless, non-conceptual, free from suffering, pervaded with bliss state. Without attaching or grasping the orgasm, remain open and relaxed while maintaining that state. While maintaining that state, be presently and vividly aware of that state (of orgasm) and everything else.

Orgasming this way we can see “that which cannot be seen”. Extend the time in orgasm like this and it “begins to take” says Lama Tashi. It begins to weave itself into our lives effortlessly, Tantra means “to weave”. Why, that which is the orgasm, the experiencing of orgasm, and the orgasmer are the same thing, it is Mind Itself. This is an aspect of essence of the practice of Karmamudra; Karmamudra is the union of Bliss and Emptiness, high Tantra.

The foundation training of this is Shinay, the color breathing practice of calm abiding. Above all, in Tantra, Shinay is the most critical training, without it there will be no progress or realization.