“In all actions watch the timing”, Lao Tsu.

Proceeding with patience we prevent obstacles from arising. We penetrate when she is ready, not before, flowing with full feeling the thrusting is at first easy, shallow, then stronger, deeper, and evenly paced, torso up, breathing steady, yyeessss. Yang energy penetrates into fluid space.

Feminine receptive she knows; give him time, masculine must pace or be overpowered by Yin, which can absorb all Yang. She waits for full engorgement; mind altering pleasure, opening Sacred Space (Yoni) to the thunderbolt of Wisdom (Vajra).

Together Yin and Yang merge in orgasmic bliss, relaxed, non-ejaculatory multi-orgasmic man, creating the Body Mandala of lights in space, our nadis (subtle channels) lit up, we are seeing fireworks!!!
Now we are ready to use the foundation of this mere physical bliss to play 5 Element Tantra with each other, whatever gender or combination! Now we are starting to get our Fuck on…. do you really want to know what comes next? What comes next is the fullness of our human potential… and we can all do it because all beings have Wisdom Nature.

Yeshe Dundrup