Mentally we must give up the idea that when we heal we will still keep ejaculating every sexual session yet last longer than we are now. Addiction to ejaculation is exactly the approach that will prevent correction of your affliction, you will never improve. Ejaculation and orgasm are two separate functions in the body, when men learn to orgasm without ejaculating they will then have access to six different orgasms. Each of those orgasms are regenerative and strengthening versus weakening for the man, living longer with multiple orgasms we and our lovers will have a better quality of life.

The method for ejaculation control is to use physical holds at specific points to block the ejaculation and learn to orgasm without ejaculation. At first the goal is simply to block, relax, and spread the energy, orgasms will arise within a fairly short time as you strengthen and heal. These methods are taught in our online course The Premature Ejaculation Remedy.

Sexual afflictions always include some form of trauma and reactive patterning which results in emotional toxins accumulating in the sexual system. Such “issues in the tissues” must be removed for the body to heal and function. In Tantra we say “pleasure with love is medicine” and the best method for releasing and draining these “issues in the tissues” is purposeful touch. Regular massage of the pelvic region and genitals using a series of strokes and a few pressure points is necessary, beneficial, and very pleasurable. This massage can be done by oneself and even better yet someone loving.

Another aspect of PE is the performance anxiety and frustration that can arise in relationships. In Tantra we say “love is desiring happiness and bliss for others”. Learn the tantric arts of love and become an artist in pleasuring your lovers; give them loving, healing vaginal or phallus massages depending on your sexual preference. Delight your partners with multi-orgasmic bliss and healing first, then engage sexually yourself, it will feel so much easier on your spirit while you go through your healing process.