The Buddha said any illness that can be understood can be corrected. At the core of the PE problem is a severe weakness in the “downward voiding wind”; the moving energy or “prana” that powers our orgasm and ejaculation. The voiding wind both excretes and retains; semen, urine, feces, menstrual blood, female ejaculate, and powers our orgasm. An imbalance in this energy system severely impedes the nervous system and will result in the lack of ability to retain, some men becoming incontinent early in life due to this.

In Tantra we say “no negating; emotions are just energy in motion (winds)”, how we use that energy is what is harmful or beneficial.

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Orgasm is a profoundly emotional matter, to maintain orgasms without ending them quickly learn to be at ease without judging any emotion arising during excitation. An ancient key to life and sexuality is: “present, relaxed, awareness with focus”, the practice of this translates to the ability to remain relaxed at the peak of stimulation.

To train in the ability to relax physically and emotionally while stimulated one must learn some easy yet powerful breathing methods. For this purpose we teach a practice called “Shinay” which means “calm abiding”.

Our emotions and breath are completely interdependent, to be at ease within deep emotion and orgasm we must use our breath to remain relaxed at the peak of stimulation, which arises very quickly for the premature ejaculator. PE is a wind-related issue, breath is one of the main sources of this moving wind energy; control your breath you control your wind, control your wind you control your ejaculation!

Along with the breath training is a set of exercises for strengthening both the voiding wind and the pelvic floor muscles (PC) which are physically interactive with the voiding wind. These are called the “Power Wind Exercises”) which are so effective many men have begun lasting longer simply with this one exercise. Doing it regularly results in better ejaculation control and strengthens the erection, therefore I recommend all men do it several times a week, as do I.