Tantra in my opinion is the most beautiful medicine ever developed and revealed. The practice of Tantra transforms our ordinary afflicted sexuality it into an elixir of healing for both present well-being and longevity. As our whole being heals at it’s core through loving pleasure made wondrous with powerful yet simple methods, we become clearer in mind and emotion as peace of mind and wisdom begin to arise, resulting in lasting happiness. Our Tantric sexual practice now becomes a powerful medicine that is mutually healing with our lovers!

It is inherent, natural, and easy, we are literally “wired” for it in our body and mind. Tantra is not religion, but a form of mind, body, and spirit training closer to yoga or martial arts. Authentic Tantric sex is an ancient form of sexuality that understands there is no difference between sexuality and spirituality, and can be woven into any existing religious or spiritual practice. This is an ancient unwritten oral tradition from an unbroken lineage 2,600 years old. The main reason it is not written is that it must be seen and heard live so that your own reflexive awareness as the wisdom intelligence of your mind and body can then do it.

Please relax, no need to see the sexual part live (unless you want to), but along with the correct oral instruction you must see & feel the energy of the practice done live. Receive instruction from a qualified practitioner of whatever style of Authentic lineage to have the direct experience of the human to human transmission. Just like sports Tantra can’t be learned from books. Without watching someone like Michael Jordan play live we really don’t know what is possible in basketball. You have to see it done, just like Tantra. As they say “we don’t know what we don’t know”!