Tibetan Tantric Practice

Tantra is the practice of healing with form, energy and light.

Tantra is medicine, it is an ancient healing system. About 2600 years ago many of the greatest medical minds of the world gathered, including the Buddha, to create the “Medical Tantras”.
At that same time the Sexual Tantras were being revealed and merged with the medical Tantra. The medical tantras contain the remedies for most all sexual afflictions, including premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, non-orgasmic women, painful penetration, sexual traumas, and STDs.

To put your mind at ease Tantra is not religion, it is a way of working with body and mind for optimum sexual and overall health. It employs simple and practical methods one uses which can be found in many healing systems around the planet.

The medical tantras state that any illness that can be understood can be overcome. I fully understand sexual afflictions as medical conditions and how to correct them with Tantric methods.

The 5 elements earth water fire air and ether are the energies of all experience, when in good balance we are happy, healthy, and life works. Imbalance of the 5 elements can result in sexual dysfunction, severe illness and death, the 5 Elemental Tantra is the antidote to that. It has literally saved my life and sexuality, I have used it to help thousands of men and women overcome sexual dysfunctions and terrible traumas including rape.

I have used these methods myself to recover from the trauma of heart surgery at age 6 and premature ejaculation which arose as a result of leukemia at 30. As my teacher Lama Tashi told one of my students”: “Tantra keeps Jacques alive!” At 59 I can make love for hours and have multiple whole body orgasms without ejaculating. It is regenerative and life supporting, healing the organs, emotions, mind, and spirit. All it takes is the willingness to practice a few simple methods and with a basic degree of perseverance in a few months your sexual life will be transformed.

So Tantra isn’t just about nicer intimacy or hot sex, although when we have good sexual health we will experience deeper intimacy and hotter sex. First comes the improvement of health, the sex is actually part of the healing method: pleasure with love is medicine!

The first step in learning tantra for healing is understanding the nature of sexual issues – what they are and how they’re remedied. In our free email training we explain sexual health and dysfunction from the perspective of Tantra taught along with Tibetan medicine. Having more of an understanding we encourage you to then follow up and invest in the courses that will bring you the results you would like.

Emptiness and Bliss

Tantra includes sexual practices that utilize the bliss of sexual experience. this has resulted in a misunderstanding in the West that tantra is defined by sexual practices.

But tantra goes far beyond sexual practices. It is based on the understanding and realization of emptiness, the fundamental nature of all phenomena.

Without understanding that bliss is empty, practices involving bliss are not tantric and the labelling of such practices as tantra is misleading.