Five Elements Tantric Sex

“Tantra” means “to weave light and sound with form”. It is the way of increasing and using the life-energy in our bodies to expand our sexual experience far beyond the limits of mere physical pleasure and awareness.


Once you have learned the Kamasutra Arts of Tantra; the arts of physical love and connection, you are ready to learn and practice the secret art of Five Element Tantric Sex!

“Tantra” means “to weave light and sound with form”. It is the way of increasing and using the life-energy in our bodies to expand our sexual experience far beyond the limits of mere physical pleasure and awareness.

The five elements are Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space which make up our entire form, our environment, and all phenomena. It is taught that all experience is the flux and flow of the five Elements with the five Awarenesses. Enriching the essence-energy of these Elements causes great bliss and pleasure to arise during sexuality, solo or in union.

These elemental essence-energies are also the antidotes to the five root poisons which cause most of our suffering: anger, attachment, delusion, pride, and jealousy from which arise 84,000 afflicted states! When our emotions are healed we are happy and powerful humans.

Transform your emotions!

One great secret of Tantra is the art of transforming emotions, which are just energy in motion. Harmful emotions impede the enjoyment of life and damage our health, they arise as physical poisons in our body and are a main cause of degenerative aging and relationship pain. “Issues in the tissues”!

By transforming these emotions accumulated emotional toxins are released from the being and an ease in our emotional life arises, we are happier and more loving. It is called “the great equanimity”.

Practiced in secret for 2600 years!

These fairly simple yet powerful practices can be used both in partner and solo Tantra. These are the great Teachings of the Tantrayana, a 2600 year old unbroken Lineage from India and Tibet: Jacques is the first person in the Western world to be given permission by this Lineage to openly teach these methods. Lineage instructions means these are time-tested practices, proven and refined by the greatest of Masters to be effective, safe, and bring swift results.

This is the real Tantra!!!

Through the practice of visualizing the elemental symbols in the respective chakras (energy centers) and toning certain mantric syllables, the Elemental forces are aroused in the Uma Nadi, the central channel of life-energy in the body. These Essence energies flood the channels and meridians of your body and mind resulting in ecstatic bliss along with mind altering orgasms. Experience this just once and you will never be the same: you will know the experiential secret of the” Tantric Arts of Love”!!!

Learn the Five Element Tantra yoga directly from Jacques, also known as “Yeshe Dundrup of the Shangpa Karma Kagyu Lineage”, in private session. These practices are not allowed to be recorded so can only be taught directly teacher to student. Learn from an authentic Tantric Sexual Master!

Prepare yourself for the Tantra Yoga…

It is wisest to have certain “Kamasutra of Tantra” accomplishments in place before training in these practices. Training in similar physical sexual methods of other schools or styles will work as long as the following accomplishments are in place:
Men must have a degree of ejaculation control; able to be pleasured or in union for at least 21 minutes without ejaculating (including holds during this time is very appropriate). Must also be training in bypassing ejaculation, although orgasm without ejaculation need not be accomplished before beginning Five Element training. The Tantra yoga will speed that accomplishment significantly.

Women must have sufficient vaginal/sexual well-being to have penetration with only minimal discomfort and to be pleasured or penetrated for at least 21 minutes. The ability to orgasm is not required, most likely it will be healed during this training if not in the “Kamasutra of Tantra” practice.

Both men and women must also have a basic ability to remain emotionally present with a sexual partner. This is reflected in the ability to communicate and not habitually fall to and dramatize reactive patterns.

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