What validates the authenticity of a practice as Tantric or not is the understanding of the definition of the word and practice itself: “to weave light and sound with form”. The “form” of Tantra is our physical body and our “Vajra body”, or the system of subtle channels called “nadis” in which flows our life-energy, our chi or pranas. In acupuncture these are used as meridians. “Nad” means sound in Sanskrit, hence nadis are channels of vibrating light resonating with sound.

It is said “the mind rides the winds of the nadis the way a rider rides a horse”, it is a key factor in our own mind-body connection as well as mind and body connection with another, in a sense we “get to ride each other’s horse”! This is part of the beautiful feeling of being in love, it is euphoric, healing, and an energizing flow if it is right. If it is an unhealthy connection, we are drained, stressed and it is even a cause of afflictions physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

The “light” of Tantra is visualization of specific colored geometric shapes in the “chakras” or energy centers along the main or central channel in the core of our body, called the “Uma Nadi” in Tibet. These are the expression of the Five Elemental Essence energies; earth, water, fire, air, and space, inseparable from Awareness, which make up all phenomena including us. These Elements can be worked with by expressing and enriching those energies through visualization and verbal toning of sounds. The sounds are called seed syllables, or “bijas”, each bija resonates exactly with one Elemental shape and color. The toning of the sound causes the nadis of that Element to vibrate, a tremendous amount of energy and bliss arise and spread throughout us and our partner as a result.

This is done along with amazing physical and emotional methods for enhancing pleasure to an incredible degree! Now we are orgasming in almost unimaginable ways for very extended periods of time. At orgasm, there is a tremendous release of energy which “brushes” or opens the lower region of the Uma Nadi, resulting in a “taste of enlightenment”. The more energy you have for orgasms, the greater the burst of conscious-energy which penetrates the deep space of the Uma Nadi. In the exact moment of orgasm we go timeless, pain free, non-conceptual, and blissful. As we remain in the orgasm without fixing on it, we go beyond the orgasm in direct experience of own Wisdom Nature Awareness, all of us, even the most base person. Now two lovers are entwined as one, our essences merged in such unconditional love we are free.

Train in Awareness with compassion so you can see it, train your mind and body so you can relax there physically for extended periods. Then use this wisdom, power, and compassion to benefit others. Grasp it, attach to it for yourself only and it will be lost. As Karmapa says: “great bliss without attachment is unceasing”. In this state you will feel always in love, connected, a healthy happy human.